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"A scientist who fails to work on communication is an unsuccessful scientist"John Durant

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Elhuyar Laboratory for Scientific Culture

The Elhuyar Laboratory for Scientific Culture fosters reflection on science and technology. To achieve this, besides receiving and spreading information, it will also be promoting relations among the research network, the administration, education and the public, and will be striving to find out the opinions of all these players. Its work is to act as a catalyst to encourage reflection on science and technology among the general public.

Its main aims are as follows:

  • To foster relations between researchers and citizens.
  • To promote reflection on science and technology, not only within academia but also among the general public.
  • To encourage a knowledge of science and technology, and to present science and technology as a social activity.
  • To build an awareness among researchers and citizens.
  • To offer arguments for social dialogue; to foster the autonomy of individuals when taking decisions, and thus build a more democratic and more open society.
  • To foster democratic attitudes and activities on technological and scientific innovations.


The SEMINAR “Science and technology at the eyes of youngsters” will take place on March 30 in the San Telmo museum in Donostia-San Sebastián.

Organisers: Elhuyar Fundazioa

Eusko Juarlaritza. Hezkuntza, Unibertsitate eta Ikerketa Saila
Eusko Juarlaritza. Kultura Saila

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