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"A scientist who fails to work on communication is an unsuccessful scientist"John Durant

Who are we?

The Elhuyar Laboratory on Scientific Culture is a project being run by the Elhuyar Foundation, and develops resources to promote an active attitude on the part of the public at large towards science. The Laboratory organises activities for professionals engaged in transmitting science, research and innovation. The Elhuyar Laboratory on Scientific Culture is a meeting point for administrators, communicators, researchers, teachers, educators and companies.

This web site provides information on the activities of the Laboratory as well as official documents, publications, bibliography and links to other web sites –all around the subject of science and society. In a section devoted to reflection, users are given an opportunity to discuss issues and views raised by experts.

In the field of science popularisation the Elhuyar Laboratory on Scientific Culture is the key to enhancing communication.

Person responsible: Bego Zubia

Elhuyar Foundation

Elhuyar is an association that was formed in 1972 to bring together science and the Basque language. In order to consolidate this goal, we created the Elhuyar Foundation in 2002.

During the IV Strategic Rethink, undertaken for the 2006-2009 period, the following mission statement was adopted:

To socialise Science and Technology and to boost the development of the Basque language, Euskara. Ton this end, to provide Basque society with quality services, tool and resources, with innovation as the pivot, and with a commitment to education.

Elhuyar Foundation is a non-profit making body, receiving contributions from members who support its aims. Our labour is to try to gel with the public at large and, to this end, the Foundation brings together a number of different social players: businesses, public bodies and individuals. Elhuyar Foundation is an Intermediary Innovation Body within the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation (SARETEK).

Currently Elhuyar Fundazioa has three departments, with the following goals:

  1. Publications: creation and/or publication of educational and games materials (books, multimedia, products for the Internet)
  2. Linguistic services: resources, tools and language services for the development and normalisation of the Basque language (lexicography, translations, software locations; language consultancy, language correction, R+D+i in the area of language technologies)
  3. Scientific Communication: socialisation of science and technology and of services and resources aimed at encouraging interest.

More information: www.elhuyar.org
Contact: elhuyar@elhuyar.com

Scientific Communication

From the beginning, one of the prime tasks for the Elhuyar Foundation was the socialisation of science and technology; getting across to the Basque public science and technology news from anywhere and giving information about what is being done in these fields both within the Basque Country and outside. This goal is being carried out today in the Department of Scientific Communication and our mission statement is: socialising science and technology and providing resources and services to spark interest in these.

This task has produced many positive results amongst which the most significant current ones are:

  • Monthly scientific journal, Elhuyar Zientzia eta Teknika
  • Zientzia.net, science web site
  • ZerNola.net, science web site for young people
  • Basqueresearch.com, science web site for Basque research, development & innovation
  • Teknopolis television programme
  • Norteko Ferrokarrilla radio programme
  • Collaborations with a number of communications media
  • CAF-Elhuyar awards for scientific publication
  • Conferences
  • Competitions

We also provide specialised external services, based on the experience and knowledge we have of publishing and dissemination of scientific and technological matters.

More information: www.elhuyar.org
Person responsible: Maria Gil

Eusko Juarlaritza. Hezkuntza, Unibertsitate eta Ikerketa Saila
Eusko Juarlaritza. Kultura Saila

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